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Year 11 Student Presented with GASP motor Project Award at McClaren Technology Centre

Alex (Year 11) won The Skills Development Award at the annual GASP Motor Project award presentation hosted by McClaren at their Technology Centre. There were winners from a wide range of schools who have all taken part in GASP Motor Project programmes and been singled out for awards for practical ability and life skills such as perseverance, engagement, commitment and enthusiasm.

The students were completely bowled over by the legendary racing cars and spotless futuristic workshops and production line. One student said it has inspired him to aim for a job in F1!

The course that Alex attended was delivered at school using the GASP Mobile unit. He really enjoyed the mechanical challenges provided by the vehicles and engines. His tutors said he was “interested and attentive, he worked hard and over the course he was able to develop the skills he learned and transfer them to new tasks.

He also got to drive the go-karts at Dunsfold Top Gear track on the final session. Alex was one of the few students who actually asked how to drive the kart, instead of just jumping into it and flooring the throttle! As a result, he was clearly the best driver at the end of the session, another skill learnt!”

Alex was presented with his award by Peter Lee from the Peter Harrison Foundation, which provided the three-year funding that allowed GASP to pilot its successful ‘Can Do’ programme with special schools.

The GASP Bursary and the tool kits presented to all 2017 GASP Achievement Award winners were donated by the Michael Varah Memorial Fund, as part of that charity’s commitment to helping individuals – young and old – to explore their potential, realise their talents and to achieve more in life than they ever thought possible.

“The fact that McLaren hosted the GASP Awards Presentation Event again this year is a real motivation for our charity,” said GASP Chair, Sally Varah. “As well as Formula 1, the McLaren Group encompasses a number of high-tech, high-profile, niche companies operating at the highest level in their respective fields. We are immeasurably grateful to this world leading company for giving such a ringing endorsement of the life-changing programmes that GASP delivers to young people.”