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Year 11 Residential: Tirabad 2017

Please note: Due to a poor internet connection in Tirabad it is proving incredibly difficult to upload photos


Day 1

After a 4 hour coach journey… we FINALLY made it to Tirabad. The views were stunning and the sun was shining! We were greeted by the centre staff and showed to our rooms. After a quick tour we were kitted out with water proofs and wellies. We took turns navigating the nearby forest whilst some students tested out the water proofs in the streams and deep puddles.

We headed back to the centre after making the most of the early evening sunshine. We hope to see more sunshine this week! Part of the experience is for students to carry out duties, and our waiters and washer-uppers did a fantastic job! After dinner we got into teams to do a ‘first night quiz’ so that we could learn more about Tirabad and the local area. After a bit of free time we ended the night with a lovely cup of hot chocolate!!


By Harry Jones


Day 2

We started the day off by having a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we all prepared ourselves for our first activity of the week in Tirabad.


Group 1(Harry, Adam, Leo, Charlie, Charles, Caleb, Chloe, Jimmy, and Kiya) went canoeing on the river wye, before we started we were given a quick tutorial on safety drills and skills by Tim and Elsa. After we had completed some practice drills which weren’t too bad... We had our packed lunch. After a quick lunch, we were told that we would be heading downstream, approximately 2 miles (travel length) which sounded easy, So far so good… until one student fell in, one student ended up going the opposite way, and a couple of people got stuck in reeds so yeah, it was cracking and SUCH good fun!


Group 2 (Josh, Peter, Joe, Alina, Katherine, Ashley, James and Ryan) stayed at the centre to do some team challenges. We started off with a vertical challenge which involved trying to stack crates as high as possible whilst standing on them (with a harness attached!) There was great team work and Katherine set a record for the school with a height of 14 crates! Following this we did some orienteering around the forest and had lunch out in the open. The afternoon was spent practising our best Robin Hood impressions with some archery.


By the end of the day everyone was tired and glad to return to the centre for a shower and for something to eat. We all had more free time (apart from the people doing the washing up), and once again ended the tiring day with some hot chocolate and banter with friends then we all headed to bed.


By Harry Jones and Ms Barkess


Day 3


Group 1: We started our day off with breakfast at 8:00 and had a meeting about the activities we had in store. We did archery and crate stacking and learnt some survival skills. Crate stacking involved all of us putting on harnesses and the aim of the game was to stack the most crates whilst two people with a safety rope had to climb to the top of the crates. It was hard work and we all had to work together to build the crate tower. The highest we went was 20 crates. It was very tiring but such good fun!! Learning Survival skills was really good, we had to work in teams of 3 and try to build a shelter using the resources available in the forest as we got started, the rain started to fall but we still went on! Shelter building was cool; we were given some top tips of how to build the perfect shelter. At the end of the building we then learned how to light a fire with a flint and steel, it took a while to get it right however we all eventually managed to start a small fire which we safely put out at the end of the session. Saved the best to last archery. Archery was really cool, we were shown how to pick up the bow and fire the arrow at the target and the different points you can get. We went down to the archery area where we were shown how to position ourselves and how to stay safe. We were put into two groups and the first group went up to shoot first, some missed and some hit the board. Then at the end we had a very funny competition we had made up dates with celebrities depending on how many points we scored on the board, some people had Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding and more, it was a laugh!!


By Harry Jones


Group 2: The best ever day but that was because we had Mrs White and Miss Barkess. They were like professional canoeists and they were also a brilliant rescue team. It would have been such a rubbish day if they had not been there.

We all jumped in the canal at the end – it was very cold! We all love canoeing and would like to go again.

Katherine, Alina, Ashley, Ryan, James, Josh, Peter and Joe.


Day 4


Today was our last day of activities at Tirabad, we started our day off with a cooked breakfast and then the Tirabad staff told us what we would be doing for the day. We ALL had one activity and it which was to climb hills we were told that on the walk we would see some waterfalls, we saw four waterfalls. We were split up into two groups some of us had cameras to film and go-pros to capture the moments! One group had a nice slow walk around the hills and enjoyed looking at all the amazing scenery the students were fantastic and managed to climb down some very steep and rocky inclines. Alina, Ashley and Katherine described the day as awesome and really fun.

I was part of the second group we went at a much faster pace and had to endure steeper hills, slippery rocks and many more obstacles. We were with Tim (the group staff leader) he took us to the water falls and we went to a HUGE water fall where we carefully and slowly went behind the water fall and we got ABSOLUTLEY soaked!! But it was SUCH good fun and we hope we captured it on camera. Charlie said that going under the waterfall was on his bucket list so he was really happy. Peter said that he got drenched but he thought the waterfalls were beautiful. Caleb was impressed at the size of the waterfall and he saw a rainbow on one. Leo did a dab under the waterfall and thought hat the day was really good.

After 2 hours of walking we sat down and had our packed lunch next to one of the water falls. After lunch we headed off to another water fall where we climbed EVEN HIGHER the view was spectacular.

After many hours of walking we headed back down and back to the buses where everyone was exhausted!!


By Harry Jones