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Today as written by the students!

An awesome day! We completed 3 hours skiing this morning and 2 hours skiing this afternoon. It was -5 when arrived on the slopes which woke us all up very quickly. 

We were split into three groups and all completed different activities. 


Some comments from students about the day: 


Seb - the skiing is nice, you should try it with your mums and dads if you haven't been before. if not you cant do this you should go with the school! When we got to the hotel the food was really nice - you should try it, it was really yummy, The hotel is very posh and stunning! 


Ross - skiing  was fun  and  the hotel is posh  and  nice  we got  bunk  beds  food is  nice    and  IM NOT  COMING BACK TO SCHOOL


Josh - the skiing is great fun the food is nice and the hotel is great all the staff are nice and overall I'm  having a great time.