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Students Win Hedgehog Trophy for the 2nd Time

Students at The Abbey have again been recognised by The Hedgehogs for their participation in the sponsored swim last year. With support from their friends, relations and neighbours, the students who took part raised over £1,350 – more than any other school - which will be used towards a major project to advance the development of the outdoor learning environment.

Bob Hockey, Chair, accompanied by fellow Hedgehogs, Bob Jervis and Alaistair Muir (who organised the sponsored swim) visited The Abbey last week to present the cheque and the Hedgehog trophy during school assembly.

Mrs Purkiss, who organised the school group and took part in the sponsored swim, explained:

“We are very grateful to the Hedgehogs for facilitating this fund-raising opportunity year after year. Our students really enjoy the challenge of taking part and of trying to raise as much as they can for their school. We only have just over 100 students, so this is a significant achievement of which the students and the whole school community are very proud.”