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Prato Nevoso 2017

Day 9


18. That's it, we're back! What a wonderful week it's been. A huge thank you to the parents and staff for making this happen. But most importantly, thank you to all the students for being great ambassadors for the school and achieving so much. You should all be very proud!

It has been our pleasure.


Kindest regards,

Mr Jackson, Mrs Kennedy, Mr Packham, & Mr Molloy.



17. We're back in England!!! 8:00am local time. See you all at Epsom Racecourse!


16. Au revoir France. We've just gone through UK border control and are now stopping for a quick break before departing at 8:20am (GMT +1).


Day 8


15. Addio Italia, bonjour la France. 


14. AND WE'RE OFF! Thank you Prato Nevoso for your warm hospitality, it's been a pleasure. But now it's time to set sail and make our way back to sunny old England.


Con amore, grazie e arrivederci.


13. Our final morning began with a much needed lie in. After breakfast and a big thank you to the hotel staff, who have been wonderful throughout the week, we decided to head to into town. After a bit of souvenir shopping, we went for hot chocolates with a mountain view as a massive thank you to the students. They have been incredible and should be very proud of themselves for what they have achieved. We are now about to have our final lunch before we set off for around 3:00pm (GMT+1).


Day 7


12. We're finished, no more skiing! It's been a very tiring week, but the children still want to carry on. This evening we have had a ceremony from the Prato Nevoso Ski School, where all our students received medals. After the ceremony and dinner, we spent the evening relaxing or socialising with other schools. Strengthening the bonds the children have already made.


11. As soon as we woke up this morning, we knew it would be an auspicious day. We got on to the coach and produced a 'stupendo' rendition of Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'. Walton Leigh & Linden Bridge schools were definitely impressed. The penultimate session this morning was composed of skiing of the highest order, with further certificates sure to come.

We've just had lunch, which for some, was probably a highlight of the week. Burger & chips. The children are now about to begin their final skiing lessons, wish them luck.





Day 6


10. After a bit more practise in the morning session, all of of our students went up the cable car and hit the mountain slopes in the afternoon. Some of our students were a bit worried about the chair lift, but not only did they conquer the massive slope with style, they overcame their fears and made it from bottom to top and back down again safely. The children and staff are very proud of what the students have achieved, a real credit to the school. 

This evening, Will, Baptiste, Nikee, & Peter picked up the awards for their brave efforts. After dinner, we were entertained by a talent show. Our students didn't perform on stage but a fair few were dancing in the stalls with Mrs Kennedy! 

Now it's time to get some rest before the last day of skiing. 


Day 5


9. This evening we have been swimming. More accurately, having a giant splash time with Mr Jackson, Packham, and Molloy, who made more splashes than the children. We were challenged by The Park to beat their throw and catch record of thirty five. Records are made to be broken, however, the greatest records take years to fall. In this case we believe this will be our new record of forty seven! It was great to be part of a team, staff and children alike whilst having a whale of a time. The rest of the evening, the students have a choice of karaoke or chilling in the lobby before a good night's rest.

Buona Notte.


8. On our third day of skiing lessons, half of our students learnt new skills on higher slopes, including how to turn. The other half were lucky enough to go up in the chair lifts and actually ski down the mountain! Hopefully more of our students will be able to go up the mountain later in the week. Today's awards went to James, Toby, Ethan, & Tommy.


Day 4


7. Once again today was another fantastic day of skiing with many improvements. In the certificate presentation Eloise and Ross picked up awards for their efforts. Mr Molloy, Mrs Kennedy, and a few students spent the night dancing away in the disco showing the other schools how it's done! But perhaps the most impressive acts by our students was the socialising with students from other schools. Making friends from their skiing groups to beating The Park at pool!


Day 3


6. After only one day of lessons, the level of improvement is huge, with Alina being awarded a certificate for her efforts. After the skiing lessons, the

majority of students went to the village to spend some of their money. In the evening it was downtime. A choice of pool, table football, or a film. Along with spending time together and making friends from other schools.


5. The children are currently having lunch now after their first morning of skiing. Seeing as most have never done this before, they are doing extremely well. One instructor even said "it's the best first morning i've seen in twenty years here". I am actually trying to ski myself whilst the rest of the group are on lunch. It really makes you appreciate how well the students are doing. But, I haven't fallen over yet...

Pictures of today's two sessions will follow this evening. So we're back off to enjoy the sun and snow.




Day 2




4. WE ARE FINALLY HERE! More pictures to follow, but here's a picture of the students in reception after a twenty one hour coach journey and a hotel balcony view.


3. Buongiorno! Yes we're still on the coach, but we are in Italy. Our current view driving through the Alps is magnifico. I must say the students have coped very well so far and have behaved excellently. And so have the staff! A few more hours and we'll be at the hotel.


Day 1



2. Bonjour! We've arrived in France, which means movie and snack time. We are starting with Uncle Buck starring Mark Packham.


Epsom Racecourse

1.  We've all arrived at Epsom Racecourse raring to go! Mr Packham is already eating, and we haven't even left yet!


Keep checking on here for updates, and let the fun and games begin!