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New Student Progress Assessment System Launched

In September 2014, the Government made a huge change to the way that children in schools are to be assessed. This is a new way of thinking for schools, and assessment will look very different to how it has done for the past 20 years. The DfE announced that there would no longer be National Curriculum levels and that schools would have to set up their own way of assessing pupils.

At the Abbey School we have developed our own assessment system, based on the following principles:

  • It needs to develop the key knowledge and skills required for success by the end of all students’ education at the school.
  • High expected standards
  • Emphasis on formative feedback and allowing all students to succeed
  • Simple and easy to understand – for staff, parents and students
  • Could be used across all subjects in a consistent manner, but with the flexibility to be suitable for each subject.

In Maths and English (and eventually in the other core subject areas) we have decided on the key skills, knowledge and understanding that our students need to achieve, and broken this down into manageable steps.  For each step, students will be assessed on whether they have/are:


  • Visited - have encountered that step in their lessons
  • Emerging - they can do the step with some support
  • Independent - they can carry out the step on their own
  • Application – the student is able to apply that knowledge and skill confidently

One of the biggest differences is how we will talk to you about how your child is progressing during the year. Previously, at your child’s annual review or parents’ consultations we would tell you at what National Curriculum level your child was working. With the new system we will be able to share with you which steps your child is now able to make, and which steps they are working on.  This formative feedback will be of more benefit to you, your child, and their teachers.